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Misguided Attempts to a Better Future

One Silly Girl's Journey

29 September 1989
I like to believe that I'm complex, but the reality is I'm a rubix cube that even a four year old could figure out. I'm constantly looking for ways that I can better myself; I want to be the best me that I can possibly be. I love with my whole soul, I give without expecting, I do without questioning (generally), I help without warning. I want everyone to get along regardless of colour, nationality, pride or any other "barrier" that there could be. I have high hopes for all things that exist.

I live for unfavourable weather, the more lugubrious the day is, the more I want to be a part of it. Autumn is my favourite season for a reason. Rain makes my day just a little bit better; I've gotten sick from running out when it's pouring out in nothing more than a pair of socks and a scarf (maybe).

I adore all things ugly, silly, stupid, misunderstood, tattooed, pierced and just generally flawed all around. I have two tattoos, one on my right hip that has a little hat with the word 'pirate' under it, and humungous wings on my back. My heart belongs to those who aren't afraid of themselves, and it melts for those who aren't afraid of the world; I thrive off of the idea that there are "real" people here, people who want to understand others, people who want to stand out, people who want to make a change for the better. Deep down inside I'm just a flower child born at the wrong time

I cuddle too much. I love to be loved. I'm a huge attention whore. Voices soothe me. I'm too quiet. I'm too understanding. I hate violence. I hate threats. I don't argue. I'm obnoxiously loud. I consume knowledge voraciously. I read. I write. I live. I learn. I love. I hope for better.

The end.

, becoming more dependable, being analytical with everything, being open to change, being the better me, best friends for life, caring about others, cuddling in his arms, cute lil' lesbians, dancing in the rain, dancing when noone's looking, dating like a slut, doing the right thing, evergreen college's awesomeness, feeling safe for once, holding dahlia's adorableness, holding my mister, imperfections, joe's telephone calls, leaving this shithole, life changing events, looking back, loving everyone, loving regardless of return, loving who i am, lugubrious days, moving forward, music in my brain, my darling joseph, old lost friendships, perfection, receiving texts, saying i love you, selfless love, sexing my mister, shi's hair, shivering in the cold, singing by myself, sleeping underneath stars, spooning at night